My husband and I bonded through food since our very first date. We love cooking together, tasting each other's food and critiquing it, experimenting new methods and making it better. 

We both grew up around the kitchen - from me being my mom's "official taste tester" to my husband helping out at his dad's restaurant. My dad's love for food also resulted in our family being surrounded by a circle of food influencers from Asia and exposures to a wide variety of cuisines and cultures around the world. Now we want to combine all these experiences and share our love at first bite through this food journal. 

When I started learning how to cook, I was often overwhelmed by how complicated many recipes could be - with too much ingredients, too many steps. We are in search for the most creative use of each ingredient so we can all be cooking smarter with simpler recipes that are healthy and flavorful. 

We hope this blog inspires you to explore new flavors and become a hungry panda. Follow our food journey on social media and tag #twohungrypandas if you tried one of our recipes - we'd love to hear from you.